XEBEC Gas and Air Purification, Separation, Dehydration & Filtration

  • Associated Gas & Field Gas Purification Modules: Diesel Displacement for Drilling Applications.

  • Bio-Gas Purification Psa Systems: BioGas to BioMethane Upgrade. M-3200, M-3100, M-3200.

  • Air Filtration And Separation: Cast Filters, Engineering Flanged Filters, XWS Water Separator, Filter Elements.

  • Natural Gas Dryers for NGV Fueling Stations: Single Towers, Regenerable Single Towers, Regenerable Twin Towers, Automatic Heat Reactivated Twin Towers, Natural Gas Filters & Elements.

  • Hydrogen & Helium Purification PSA Systems: Process Streams containing H2 to Pure or Ultra-Pure H2, H-3300, H-3200, H3100, H3200, H6200, He-3200.

  • Natural Gas Filtration: For Dryers, Compressors, Storage Cascades, Dispensers. XL Series Low Pressure, XM Series Medium Pressure, XH Series High Pressure, X Series Filter Elements  

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