AAF INTERNATIONAL Filtration Solutions

  • Air Filters: HEPA-ULPA, Panle, Pleated, Box & Bag Filters. Media Pads & Rolls.

  • Dust Collection Equipment: Dry Dust Collectors, Mist Elimination, Side Access Housings, Source Capture, Wet Dust Collectors.

  • Dust Collector Cartridges, Bags & Replacement Parts: Pleated Bag, Cartridge & Bag Filters. Environmental Systems: Combustion Chambers, Exhaust Hoods, Exhaust Stacks, Fan/Motor Groups, Forced Air Coolers, Gas Conditioning Towers, Noise Control Systems, Pulse-Jet Bag-Filters, Radiant/Trombone Coolers, AmerTherm Reverse Air Bag Houses, Spark Arrestor Mixing Chambers & Water Cooled Ductwork (Design/Engineering & Field/Installation Services)

  • Gas Safe Equipment: SAAF™ Air Purification Systems/Pressurization and Recirculation Unit (PRU) and Recirculation Unit (RU), SAAF™ Front Access Housings (FAH), SAAF™ PORTA-Scrubber, SAAF™ Deep Bed Scrubber, SAAF™ Machine Intake Filter (MIF) & SAAF™ Side Access Housings.

  • Gas-Phase Filters: Filters, Chemical Media & Cassettes/Chemical Media Delivery Devices.

  • Gas-Phase Environmental, Analytical & Design Services: SAAF™ Chemical Media Remaining Life Analysis (RLA), SAAF™ Reactivity Monitoring Coupons, SAAF™ Tech Tools, SAAFShield™ Technology.

  • Gas Turbine & Rotating Machinery Equipment: Acoustic & Noise Control, Air Inlet Cooling, Enclosures & Ventilation Systems, Exhaust Systems & Filter Housings.

  • Gas Turbine & Rotating Machinery Filters: ASC, Barrier, Cartridge, (H)EPA & Pre Filters. Moisture Removal, Evaporative Cooler Media & Replacement Parts.

  • Gas Turbine & Rotating Machinery Services: Acoustic, Consulting, Engineering & Site Services.

  • HVAC Equipment: Frames/Latches & HEPA/ULPA Modules.

  • Nuclear Equipment: Air Handlig Units, Cooling Units, Side Access Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO), Side Access TSC. Nuclear Filters.

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